EP Rubber Belting

Industries that we service


Agricultural Machinery


Power Stations


Quarries & Sand Pits


Wood Industry

Steel Industry

Iron & Steel Industries


Waste Management

Our belts serve the purpose of conveying bulk materials across a spectrum of industries, ranging from less demanding to highly challenging operational environments. The incorporation of premium-grade textiles and rubber compounds in our manufacturing process guarantees outstanding resilience against the various stresses encountered during operation.

Our belts, composed of polyester warp and polyamide weft, are distinguished as the preferred option. Polyester (E) boasts exceptional resistance to tearing and demonstrates minimal elongation under load, rendering it ideal for hightension applications. Polyamide (P) weft, renowned for its considerable elongation capacity, contributes to the flexibility necessary for precise conformity to the conveyor’s trough. This combination ensures optimum performance even amidst the most demanding conditions.

Product Details

  • Standard cover grades
  • Oil Resistant cover grades
  • High Heat cover grades
  • Fire Resistant cover grades

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