Sidewall Belting

Our Sidewall belting is specifically designed for conveying bulk products on conveyors at steep inclines of up to 80°.
The carcass of our Sidewall belting, crafted from either textile or metal, ensures optimal rigidity in the transverse direction, thus providing exceptional belt stability. We offer a range of Side Walling and cleat heights to accommodate varying requirements.

Product Details

  • XE = Cross stabilising ply incorporated within the tensioning ply
  • XE+2 = Two cross stabilising plies separate from the tensioning plies
  • XE-SC+2 = Textile tensioning plies c/w steel cord cross-stabilising
  • XST-SC = Steelcord tensioning c/w steel cord cross-stabilising

Industries that we service


Agricultural Machinery


Quarries & Sand Pits


Wood Industry

Steel Industry

Iron & Steel Industries


Waste Management

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