Rubber & Ceramic Drum Lagging

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Rubber lagging serves as a protective layer to enhance and prolong the life of pulleys. Applied to the exterior of the pulley, it shields the metal shell from abrasion. The diamond-textured rubber
surface boosts friction between the belt and pulley, leading to enhanced traction, improved water shedding, and reduced belt slippage. This solution is both cost-effective and easily

Pulley lagging sheets feature CN bonding layers to ensure superior adhesion. The profiled patterns on the top surface, available in diamond or square embossing, further enhance
belt grip and tracking on conveyors, while minimizing belt wear.

Ceramic lagging rubber sheets, equipped with a chloroprene bonding layer, serve as a protective surface to enhance and prolong
the lifespan of pulleys, particularly in harsh conditions

Product Details

  • Rubber lagging of drive drums
  • Rubber lagging of snub drums
  • Ceramic lagging of drive drums

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